Saturday, September 15, 2007

I don't like getting squished.

That's what I decided last night at the Jack's Mannequin/The Format/Rx Bandits/Straylight Run concert. My friends decided it would be a good idea to get closer to the stage and "push" their way through. I decided that would be okay. Well, so we get a few feet from stage and we are fine for about a minute. But apparently every else likes to push to get up front too and when you really can't go anywhere but into the person's back in front of you, it gets a little complicated. And then there's no where to go but on the ground. I never got to the ground, but after continously eating shirt, I decided I wanted out of there. So, I found my way out and got some air.

Besides, I couldn't see anything anyway, so it really wasn't all that worth it to be that close. I found a spot in the middle where I could see a ton better and I wasn't eating shirt.

I lost my friend Jordan between getting away from "the pit" and get somewhere safe, but we met up after the concert and everything was fine.

So, a concert review:

SEE JACK'S MANNEQUIN AND THE FORMAT LIVE! My friends arrived arrived a little late so we didn't really get to see Straylight Run or Rx Bandits, but make seeing Jack's Mannequin and The Format priority one.

The lead singer of The Format translates well when singing on stage. Not many artists sing live like they do on the CD, but the lead singer of The Format does.

And you must see Jack's Mannequin. They give a great show, especially Andrew (the lead singer). He is everywhere and then some on the stage but I love it!

So, besides eating shirt, I enjoyed the night. Oh, and go to The Pie anytime you are in SLC. You won't regret it.

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